Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Roosters have Gone.

0653/1825 70/77 Blue Skies N/5 70%H
DOGS 10300 7870 1102 1583.

Greetings from the Hill.

A warm night in paradise,
classics from Havana,
hockey from Vancouver,
pissed off Maple Leaves
from the Frog in goal...

Another week of Goldman plots
to bury the Euro with Greece,
credit swaps to cover ratings
and mask mark to market
with crooked price tags.

"Insure the DEBT with a bet,
hedge the short with a hedge,
LIBOR and VIX make the fix,
back Toxics with Treasuries
supported by Citi usuries,"
growls the madone pissed
with crooked lawyers,
lying politicians
and thieving bankers,
skimming the cream
leaving sour milk for the masses.

"Make yogurt and slim down."

"Porky Pigs who can't afford cigs."

"Don't be cruel to a dumbass fool."

"We deserved the American Dream
and were served a Wall Street scheme."

"McMansions and Big Mac's,"
seems like Key West.

Room temperature IQ's....

Bring it on home Bubba, open the pit
of Bahama Village shit,
sell low what you bought high
and build offices in the sky,
with Key Lime pie...
"But there is no more coke to buy."

A smugglers town with fakes and fruits,
flakes and sissies looking for routes
to the road to the promised land
of promise and change...

"Obama is your Momma."

Classics still from Havana,
no rain yet...

Sober at ten o'clock,

in the fabulous florida keys.

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