Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The ReGeneration ... Redo, Repo, Repent.

0727/1940 62/73 Blue Skies E10/15 70%H
DOGS 10795 8023 1090 1663. LIBOR .218.

Greetings from the Hill.

Brilliant blue skies,
palms swaying in the breeze,
the oldman worried and wondering
how to pay the DEBT...
and live another year.

"Hey, oldman, most folks agonize
this threat every day
with every thing they pay,"
growls the madone
pissed with the blogist
and his silly journals.

The very idea that a National Swindle
could be uncovered by a reader
of doubting websites
and skeptical writers
beyond a publisher's censor...

"Hello, hello..what if...
something so heinous had proliferated
in all levels of government and business,
as well as the courts of justice,
the implication of blackmail and conspiracy
from Wall Street to Pennsylvania Avenue,
Main Street to Rodeo Drive...
Connecticut to the Cayman Islands..."
mused the oldman to Big Mac,
talking fools on CNBC across the hall,
classics from Havana in the corner.

"Yes, yes..imagine money laundering
on a grand scale without drugs or murder,
ZIP from the FED to Treasuries in
offshore accounts leveraged to insanity,
while 'the loans' are lost to shadow banking,"
a private jet glided to the airport
and a palm sander noised next door.

"Well, what does it take to add up
the trillions in equities, bonds, funds,
cash, commodities and real estate,
every day at the DTCC's new Warehouse,
with brand new clean and transparent windows
serviced by MARKIT GROUP squeegees,
this operation is completed..but...
that pesky OTC market goes unregulated
as Hedge Funds' credit default swaps
send conversions overseas
to Luxembourg and Switzerland,
that instant pixel flight,"
mused the oldman wondering
if this internet communication itself
actually created a transparency
or simply enabled the innovators
to find more avenues of opaqueness,
more streets of darkness,
dead ends in a black hole.

"Don't forget those Bloomberg Terminals,"
growled the madone washing dishes
on a blue sky balcony.

"China's economy is expecting nine percent growth,"
snorts Krudlow to his afternoon audience.

"My, heavens...what a wonderful plot that
assumes some sort of economic omniscience
guides the plan for one world government
under a single currency and clearing house,
stamped, certified and rated by whom ???
a board of governors from the World Bank,
the IMF, all Central Banks and what would
the consumers use...a Visa World Card,
with a little arbitrage for traders
in the derivative carriage trade,
maybe some slop on interest rates,
certainly some insurance against risk,
and of course backed by the world government,
Too Big to Fail...hofuckingho,"
laughed the oldman amused that
he still managed to retain his wit.

"Clean house, the House of Representatives,"
laughed the gardener checking to see
if the oldman was still alive
and maybe needed medicine.

The Administration, the Party in Power,
the Wiseman in the Whitehouse had made
all americans safe to see a doctor,
fearless of hospital bills...
for a few dollars more
or less.

One more government snoop,
this one in your hospital room
or with your employer's bookkeeper.

"Fedcops are not the same as local boys,
government approved licensing maybe,
the old permitting process that roosts
with those bureaucratic vultures
in every county, city and state office,
'crime permeates every level of the country',
money is the seed of greed that grows
in every mind, more so those without.
Charge, charge on to oblivion,
spend, spend and hope that maybe
there will be change in the billing,
no interest charges this year,
maybe one per cent like bankers,
'but not very likely',
extended care for credit cards,
replacements for mortgage arms,
a government check in the mail...
to cover health care costs,"
the oldman had lost the thread
by mid afternoon, transcribing
from yesterday morning notes
was not same as improvisation.

"The thing about 'it' is the coverup,
this particular 'National Swindle'
was dumped on the Democrats with
the economists who opened the doors
for the original deregulation are
back advising a face in the vanity mirror,
this mystery of betting contracts
determined without regulation,
not even questionable insurance vehicles
simply something peddled by bookies
in a quadrillion dollar market...
no oversight, no SEC, no FBI,
no cop on the beat,
the most amazing con in finance
perpetrated to circumvent the laws
that the uninsured, the foreclosed,
the jobless, the homeless, the workingclass,
the oppressed middle class
are all buried beneath."

Quiet empty streets,
beyond the reef,
above the Horn.

On the hill.

1 comment:

  1. Ah....very very good blog today, Mad Jack.

    How to pay the debt, yes....that's the twenty four dollar question.
    One way would be to stop drugging Americans and stop the insanity of paying all that money to big Pharma in medicare and medicaid payouts.

    Old diet pills, once banned, reformulated to give to kids who now all have something called ADHD. More children are on pills in this country now than seniors. Maybe they just don't fit into the type of schooling that all children must endure. Maybe they are the type of personalities who were meant to be farmers, or jobs which require lots of physical exercise. Oh, but let's drug them to make them fit the mold of what we perceive to be "normal". More money for Big Pharma. After all, they had to do something when they lost the market for those speed beans for the diet conscious housewives after they were taken off the market.

    And stop the anti-depressant candy handouts. They only work on 10% of the population anyway and then make them obese and then they have to take statins and get diabetes after they gain an extra 80 pounds as the side effects.

    The healthcare bill will only work if they FIX the healthcare problems.

    Oxycotin has replaced heroin. It's an addiction epidemic.

    The company that invented it was fined over 600 million dollars for hiding the research that showed that they were more addictive than the older class of pain medications.

    90% of the cocaine coming from the drop off points in Haiti for years from South America. Did Clinton or Bush listen to the pleas of the Haitians to help to stop it?

    No....they didn't have the resources...they had to send all their Navy and Coast Guard to the Middle East after 9/11.

    Well, at least we don't have to worry.
    Only people who make over $250,000. a year will have a bit higher least for now.
    How do they do it in Canada and is Canada's health care REALLY that bad?
    What's worse?
    Average health care for all people, or good health care for only those lucky enough to be able to afford it.

    I miss Key West.
    I miss the sunsets.

    But, I doubt I would like it all crowded and busy the way it is today.

    Remember those bumper stickers?
    "Have you been rude to a tourist today?"

    Regards from the riverbottom.