Thursday, April 1, 2010

Seventy...and Free for a Year!

0718/1942 65/75 Blue Skies E5/10 70%H.
DOGS 10948 8487 1124 1793. LIBOR .220.

Greetings from the Hill.

A marvelous day in paradise,
the dreaded tax certificate
paid again in the last hour
with Bill's silver stash
and a bridge loan from John...

another year to learn to type
and pretend to make Comix.

Beautiful blue skies and swaying palms,
wackos from CNBC across the hall,
classics from Havana in the corner,
contented cats on a sunny balcony.

The gardener off on a voyage,
the oldman tending and loving
the backyard magic garden.

Springtime and learning to walk
more than around the block.

"Hey, oldman, looking gooood,"
laughs the madone popping a cork,
a pinot noire from the lovely lady
from Foggy Bottom who arrived
with a frown and left
with a happy smile...
"Key West is the best."

"Watch your mind, wine is a different kind,"
lecturing Four Pack Jack.

Hohofuckingho, wondering about Barry,
in his Oshawa wine cellar.

Silver roofs mirroring in the noonday sun.

"Never thought I'd be seventy,"
muses the oldman to the Big Mac,
ready for a little ranting.

"This Fox inspired Tea Party
by the Mad Haters without hats,
Limbaugh, Beck and Coulter,
stooges of the Mad Murdock
and his yellow journalism
fomented by his chink wife,"
snorts the oldfart wondering why
bad taste and overweight waste
submerged the American Dream.

"Television commercials did 'it',
consumption financed by Debt,
everything became a scheme...
offshoring of jobs and capital,
a socialistic government
without health and oldage benefits,
the world's largest military
cannot find Osama Bin Laden
but can bomb a donkey in Afghanistan
from a bunker in Colorado,
the insurance companies never stop
pitching accident and death,
Buffet,s Geiko geeky gecko
and a spastic cunt in red lipstick,
AIG is still on your face,
all cash flow for the Vultures
creating a new line of derivatives
from the fashion houses
of innovative finance,
the traitors who trade
in Debt, Chaos and Disease...
Monsters from Jekyll Island,
agents of the Federal Reserve System,"
sighing over the 'National Swindle'
that debilitates with inflation,
a very complicated concept of theft
evolved by Central Bankers.

Bill had given the oldman a birthday treasure,
'The Creature from Jekyll Island',
by G Edward Griffin, read 'it' before,
now a house reference with Quigley.

Patricia brightened the day
with a smile and supplies
from Faustos.

A lucky oldman indeed.

"All very nice oldman, but...
reality is living each day,
watering the ornamentals,
tending the vegetable patches
and feeding the cats...
after that
life is a breeze
in the fabulous florida keys,
sometimes high on the Hill,"
smiled the madone.

Beyond the Reef.

Above the Horn.

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  1. Happy birthday....and yes, Murdoch is really good at yellow journalism.
    Actually, I think he wants to buy the presidency....and I am glad you got those taxes paid for another year...
    Regards from the river bottom.