Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Color of Title...perhaps clouded!

0730/1853 75/85 Light Clouds E 15/25 75%H.
DOGS 11132 8169 1328 2338. Libor 23. Vix 19.

Greetings from the Hill.

The oldman had another overnight treasure,
dreaming of a thirty year love
who hadn't aged a year...
"Just like Marilyn Monroe,"
laughed the madone
feeding Viola.

Absolutely amazing the mind
that travels and remembers
those voyages at night
and indulges the imagination
at first light...

Then plays 'Sunday in New York'
by Libby York.

Fantasies of a jazz pianist,
now an old blogist.

"Nero fiddled while Rome burned,
Obama cycled as the dollar is spurned,"
cackled Bill looking for a beer,
delivering salt to purify
the island's water
and do some fiddling
with his new love.

He was a Bush Ranger...
for two thousand dollars,
when a dollar was eighty five cents.

When houses were a million bucks.

"Soros is cornering the silver,"
going downstairs to turn on machines
in his woodworking studio
and agitate the oldman.

"Some people are counter productive,"
said Deak the Freak.

The breeze in the Keys
was now an afternoon wind,
full white clouds
speeding west
beyond the reef.

The afternoon opera from Havana.

"I have a gift,"
said Obama...
from Malcolm X and Jesse Jackson,
Farrakhan and Wright,
packaged by Harry Reid
for the Jackass Lead.

Pin the tail on the donkey,
the Comrader in Chief.

And Aines lives on the same block.

Lyndon La Rouche tells 'it' straight.

Imagine if there was a scheme
to destroy the american dream,
an elitist plot to enslave
the middle class,
those dreamers of something better
than what was before
black and white TV,
after Mustangs and Faxes,
then the cocaine age
and crack became the rage
for all the punks
big Pharma, the Dharma
prescribing pills for the sick,
the weak of mind,
those caught
in the wrought
of DEBT.

"Build a better parade...
and they will come."

"It will be the best ever Fantasy Fest."

"Dream on Assholes!"

Sunday afternoon quiet streets.

The oldman was converting his cash,
protected by the Bank of America
into canadian silver,
keeping it safe
in his grannies' outhouse.

The big battle was about to begin,
the senile old fuck who caused 'it',
pimping for Bill Gross and PIMCO,
gaming against Bernanke,
shit talking for toxic bonds,
sequestered by Tiny Tim,
Mister Mandarin Man
going against the currency,
playing with the yuang
while shorting the yen,
not a fucking clue,
belongs in a zoo...
with pandas
eating kiwis.

"Change the Signs, Fuckers!"

Larry Fink has a bitchy wife,
so has Obama,
Larry looks after 3 Trillion private,
Obama 20 Trillion public,
then imagine the problems left
by black brother Raines
and MERS and MOM,
Country Wide and suicide,
the phony scheme of cash flow
when the Model was 2006,
follow Zillow
and sob...
Blackrock is the major shareholder
of Fucking BP.

Ride your bicycle.

Save corn.

Drink beer.


  1. You always say it so well Jack .. always enjoy reading your blogs ... wish the whole world would then maybe things would be fixed just right .. I agree ..

  2. Happy Irrelevance Day! I am off to the polls to see what the next lot can do to speed us onto the road to recovery (laughs maniacally!).
    Your friend
    the photo taker.

  3. Happy New Year. What if Rupert Murdoch is behind WikiLeaks?
    It fits.
    Assange only follows the yellow journalists on his Twitter page.
    And he is also Australian.
    Can't be President, Mr. Murdoch?
    Well, then buy the Wall Street Journal, and lots of other companies, including Myspace, where you spread MORE yellow journalism and just control the government of the USA with all your media simple.

    Stop beating up Obama.
    I still like him even if he does probably listen to Rupert.

    And I like his wife even better.

    Have a great 2011.

    I remember old love affairs also.

    All us old people do.


  4. By the way...what is the link to the latest blog site?