Sunday, October 10, 2010

MERS, MOM and 3808.

0723/1905 75/83 Blue Skies N 10/15 65%H.
DOGS 11006 8266 1347 2322. Libor 26/29. Vix 20.71.

Greetings from the Hill.
Another beautiful day on the Rock,
classics and Fox News,
blue skies and a breeze,
surfing in the Keys.

Dumbness seems to have infected
the blogging minds as nothing
new or original surfaces
above the political slime slick.

Curiosity seems at room temperature IQ.

The Obama Coverup with a Wall Street blanket.

"You gotta have white teeth
and talk while you're smiling,"
laughs the madone
mocking the media
and silly fat children.

"Summers has yellow teeth
and won't smile,
Timmy speaks mandarin
and loves Peking duck,
Bernanke is giving everyone a fuck,"
talking silly
on the balcony.

Barry is holding out on 3808,
putting 'it' in his pocket,
such a deceptive little twit,
pretending to the public,
sucking ass to Congress.

While corrupt congressmen
Cede to Mers and the DTCC.

Lying to the middle class masses.

"Elliot Spitzer knows the truth
and took Rick Sanchez's job,"
funny considering Rick's remarks,
mused the oldman always a fan
of his 'Miami man'.

Obfuscation, bifurcation
and fornication.

"That means your title is fucked,"
laughed the oldman opening a pint,
ruminating on past blogs,
Above Solaris Hill, the original,
Bush and the Bailout to
Obama and the Failout,
Fanny and Freddy
and Barney makes Three,
smarty pants Raines
with his derivatives brains
creating a market for MBS
branching with tranching,
inventing the clearing house
for refinancing.

"Who the fuck knows
who owns what,"
as the traitors traded
the newest innovative product
in financial engineering,
punks in suits with cellphones,
pimping for commissions.

"Real Estate will always go up."

Insured by death taxes.

An innovative form of derivatives.

Greenspan was crazier than Ayn Rand
and talked Objectivism,
or something like that...
confused the CFR.

America exported armaments
agricultural foodstuffs
and entertainment.

Wars, Toofu and TV reruns,
Rock and Roll died with records.

American made is a charade.

More kids die in a stupid war,
more middle aged are unemployed,
children are stupider and fatter,
heroes are zeroes.

No leaders in sight,
no brave souls to stop the flight
of equity theft by scoundrels
who have raped the symbol
of liberty.

Time to take the garden,
too much inside the head,
more american lies,
Columbus Day...

Sir John Gunn discovered America
in the thirteen hundreds
with his Templar mates.

Above the Horn.

Within the Reef.

Perhaps Belief.

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