Monday, October 18, 2010

On the Road to Recovery!

0726/1859 74/82 Blue Skies NE10/15 65%H.
DOGS 11105 8256 1371 2439. Libor 22. Vix 19.

Greetings from the Hill.

Swaying palm trees and blue skies,
classics and talking tits,
the oldman on day four...
alcohol free.

The visit yesterday from Stephen
put imagination back in the brain,
planning a blog.

"Hey, oldman, how's the head,"
mocking the old pothead.

"Our luck is about to run out
in the financial markets
because of a gamblers' curse...
'We have won this long,
keep the money on the table',
the long term costs of a bubble
to the economy and society
are potentially great...
a reduction in savings,
a redistribution of wealth,
the diversion of financial
and human capital
into wealth acquisition...
I think it better to burst the bubble
before rising to stratospheric heights,"
Larry Lindsey FOMC '96.

"On that note, we can go for coffee,"
Alan Greenspan.

'The Creature from Jekyll Island'
G. Edward Griffin,
one of those books
like Quigleys'.

The strange thing about this SCAM
is the replays every decade
by the same players...
and investment bank agents.

A license to kill the prosperity
of a developed nation,
Asia, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea,
Ireland, Greece, Italy, Spain...
take your pick
of the pricks
who engineer currency derivatives,
raping and debasing countries
and now cannibalizing
it's own country...
Things that Vote.

A Corporation is a living Thing.

Does Obama really know
or is he a stand up comic!

"A Trillion is a thousand Billions,
a hundred Buffets and Gates,
don't ask Hedge Hogs,
'bill the middle class',
put 'it' on Uncle Sam's tab.

Maybe he's cute and dumb.

"Does anyone really know...
will anyone ever tell,
before the U$ goes to Hell!"
laughs the madone
feeding the cats Fancy Fest
and watering the oregano.

The curious thing about the predicament
is the absence of answers,
to the most simple of questions...
"Where was the flag on the Peak?"

Eight hundred thousand dollars
for a fixup dream in Key West
should have put a snap in the flag,
some barf in the bag,
an old cunt on the rag...
a bit beyond belief
even inside the reef.

The Bank loans the County
thirty Million dollars
for a new school for dunces
and payola lunches.

"What bank was that?"

"A Trick for a Treat!"

"Ahhh, you can't stop 'it',
the bureaucrats have the keys
to all the desk drawers,
politicians come and go,
an insiders game,"
snorts the madone,
ready for a walkabout...
the sky was feeling damp.

A backhoe and a gravel truck,
hard hats holding shovels,
blue hats on cellphones,
Toppino sucking off the city,
"New curbs for protection
of lawsuits," cackles the cuban
doing work the city should,
taking charges off balance sheet,
from Charlie to Eddie.

"Everybody works for Government,
city, county, state and federal,
pensions, healthcare, insurance,
benefits to bury the nation,
leaching from the system
that created government employees' unions,
scumsuckers of the earth,"
growled the madone,
he hated parasites.

"Now, that's noise,"
chuckled the oldman
as the cement saw
prepared with cuts
to remove a century old sidewalk.

Silence and Gustav Mahler from Havana.

The Conch Train talked to cruise shippers.

A break in the action.

Not yet midterm elections
and Obama lost his staff,
those brilliant minds
who would rectify
the 'Great Recession',
the Chicago Economic School
who couldn't figure out 'Flash Crash',
HFT's and Riskmetrics VaR,
MSCI and Morgan Stanley,
CME, hedge funds and counterparties,
Gregg Berman advises Geithner,
Madeoff is consulting,
Larry Fink is managing the Trust.

Beer sales are down.

Joe Fourpack has a frown.

Hillary Clinton made a nice speech,
at a Washington CFR meeting,
the powers that be arranging
for a new ticket as Biden retires,
Clinton moves from State,
Obama was always a one termer
and will go back to the Senate.

"The Clintons back on the Hill!"

Does anyone really know?

"What does a buck buy
for seventy five cents?"

The Debt, the Debt, the Fucking Debt.

It's only money, funny money,
simply an export commodity
that rots in the vaults
of exporting nations
so stupid to believe
in the american dream.

"Ha haha, laughs the Mandarin Man,
conversational educated in China,
Obama can't speak nigger jive,
nor Hillary russian,
that basic pragmatic mind
of one world order,
according to the Military Complex,
those Pentagon cubicles
with Microsoft programs
through Bloomberg terminals.

Plastic cards and no cash.

Food stamps and Visa.

"What about the drug dealers?"
and Mexican Wamu money
and Wal Mart transfers.

One might imagine an underlying plot
to this mystery of missing wealth,
this disappearance of asset value,
the avoidance of risk management
through the magic of derivatives,
an idea untried in money mathematics,
until the currency scam of arbitrage,
"Well, if the memory serves,
Japan was the point man in cheap money,
currency leveraged into MBS's,
and their banks went comatose
with their economy...
ZIRP with no burp,"
seeing the future.

The dump saps are falling
into the traps.

Above the Horn.

Within the Reef.

Partly belief.

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