Saturday, August 28, 2010

2010 Proposed Property Taxes.

0706/1948 82/90 Scattered Clouds ESE 10/15 70%H.
DOGS 10150 7312 1238 1911.LIBOR 23/31.

Greetings from the Hill.

A rideabout for groceries,
blue skies and beautiful,
the town not exactly booming...

pissing about on Big Mac,
the depressing economic news enough
to spoil the classics from Havana,
the chili simmering on the balcony,
a view through clean windows.

"Who fucked Fannie and Freddie",
wonder over and over the fools
who know the Truth but ignore
to expose the criminals...

"Blame 'it' on a black man
who's dad was a janitor in Seattle,
this boy goes to Harvard
and on to Oxford, a stint at Cambridge,
learns about derivatives...
OMB under Carter, then to Lazard Freres,
becoming partner then OMB director
under Slick Willy and then...
the first black CEO of a Fortune 500,
'FanniefuckingMae', my oh my!",
marvels the oldman thinking
that Franklin Delano Raines
might have got set up.

Who's bright idea to package
and bundle into pools these products,
not ten or twenty thousand dollar notes,
one hundred thousand times a thousand,
MBS's, CDO's, CDS's, the big market,
"Fucking A One, the Mortgage Market,
100 Million Suckers to bleed dry,
at 200 thousand minimum, plus fees,
then the World..."
and so the Main Street banker
pedaled his trust to Lehman and Citi,
then the Vultures took over.

Always protected by insurance,
recreated as derivatives,
without a license...

Maybe IT was cowboy economics,
a shotgun marriage by Ranger Bush.

"And we are back to Bill,"
groans the oldman reading
the property tax assessment,
down 200 thousand from last year
and taxes up 1200 dollars,
just the beginning of rage
as witless governments
must face incomes of 2000,
a decade of Fraud and Cheating
talking shit beyond one's means.

"Are you better off this year
than last year...."
a pitch in the forgotten past,
poor fucks poorer,
rich pricks richer,
one percent is a million
elitist families
ignoring middle class suffering.

A thirty year ride up from seventy-five
to the peak in 2005,
any dipstick can remember thirty
maybe forty thousand for a house,
right here in paradise,
the national three hundred thousand
and Key West eight hundred thousand,
pretty fast down the hill
paying for that big fat mortgage.

"So how does Fat Mac ex Key West mayor
cover his million dollar mortgage
on a four hundred thousand dollar house",
wondered the curious reader.

How disappointing to know there is no Hope,
all Obama bullshit without Change.

"Hey, old man, you will wear out your eyes",
laughing and passing for another bowl,
the oldman was ready for a pint.

Life was a breeze
in the Florida Keys.

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