Thursday, August 12, 2010

In Praise of Tony.

0700/2003 80/88 Blue Skies E 5/10 85%H
DOGS 10320 7574 1216 1802 LIBOR 23/31

Greetings from the Hill.

A beautiful day in paradise,
the oldman working at the blog,
classics from Havana clear,
CNBC lying in the bedroom,
palm trees hardly swaying...
empty quiet streets,
the painter touching up the front wall.

The old house was lucky to have
someone who made a home
of where he lived.

So many assholes who never cared,
jerkass deadbeats always in debt,
pompous fools presuming
to make the rules...
Pretenders in Paradise.

A lovely fence along the lane,
built by Tony and Love Lane Bill,
encouraged by the Indian Woman,
praised by Doug and Moody,
the latter's home for sale,
a dream house rented
to an empty soul...
who lives alone.

Great dreams and equity schemes
to provide comfort in old age
when 2500 houses sold @ $600,000.00,
five years ago and now
only 400 houses sold @ $300,000.00...
"Hey, suck that up, whore agents
and mortgage pimps," laughs the madone,
growling on the balcony.

"But look at the size of your garden,"
praised Moody before Tony planted
the treasures collected
left on the streets.

The oldman built a golfcourse
on one hundred and fifty acres
of dirt, bare ground, unplanted...
some never live a dream.

Some never have chance to plant.

"Most have no soil in which to toil,"
mused the oldman weary of words.

Things were not as bad as others had,
utilities averaged 700 dollars a month
and payments 2500 dollars according
to a Monroe County fact finder.

The oldman managed on 500 dollars a month,
utilities, maintenance and improvements,
Airhead paid the taxes, as he could.

A home was not a house.

Imagine the hopes of folks to enjoy
if not a vegetable garden
at least a leafy garden
of just green colors
and sunshine tones...
an eyes' delight
for the pleasure of sight.

"Poetry don't pay the bills asshole,
and no one reads the blog,
who gives a fuck about Larry Summers
and Nancy Zimmerman, Harvard geeks
and Hedge Fund Russian bond manipulation
through Goldie Sox derivatives,
another Greek Bumbfuck,
and who cooks the IMF books
while Soros stirs the Rothschild stew,
simmering in the bones of EMU,
as always only one man knew...

Lydon LaRouche EIR

A breeze on the Keys.

No slick yet...

Obama slick shit.

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