Sunday, August 22, 2010

Staying Alive and Hoping to Survive!

0705/1955 82/88 Cloudy SW 5/10 90%H.
DOGS 10206,7345,1228,1806. LIBOR 23/31.

Greetings from the Hill.

A heavy hot humid day,
a week of torrential rains
have the mosquitoes swarming
but the gardens lush.

A morning ride off the rock
to improve the attitude
and remember where we are
and why we are here.

"Those barefoot dropouts!"

In the beautiful Florida Keys.

Cafe con leche in the garden
scanning the talking tits,
flirting with the viewers,
pathetic pretenders all posers,
the ham and the jam
but never the Truth.

"Even about the President
of the United States of Americans,"
groans the oldman wondering
about Shahada and Maya Soetoro Ng,
Wright, Farakan and Malcom X,
a little Red church in Seattle,
Mama with the Ford Foundation,
a black muslim economist in Nigeria
who abandoned his illegitimate son,
Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, the Woods Fund
and Frank Davis, Bernie Saunders, AAAN,
on and on the list of radicals
that this Professor of Constitutional Law
seems to have enjoyed and enjoined.

"The mystery is why he was Chosen."

Voted in by the registered and privileged,
and one of the lowest showings
in the world and all the hype.

An alternative to McCain, Palin, Gramm,
after the bossiest of all bitches
was pushed back in the closet,
maybe that guilt since slavery
making things half right
with a half white
who married an all black

"The Messenger sent from Hell
who grins and smiles,
waves like a movie star
so thrilled with himself,"
grumbling in the garden. had put him into
a state of depression
at the sorry ass housing market,
any investigator must wonder
how governments expect to extract
property taxes from plunged values
without changing the laws,
increasing millage,
eliminating exemptions...
never ever cutbacks,
no unions in the private sector
but those government employees
from local to federal
do have some packages.

The Banksters have a major con
with Cede and Co. and DTCC,
the NYSE gang of criminals
and the Big Houses use
this fiction as major fraud
to trade at will all stock
so many times no one knows,
the scandals of naked shorts
or simply a conspiracy,
imagine clearing five quadrillion,
such a number beyond trillions,
the amount of trades by machines,
not silly fellows on 'the floor',
this racket has the players
with the best toys skimming,
the Goldman Sachs Mob.

Too Big to Fail!

These assholes hold in name,
"Yeah, remember Street Name,
when your broker kept your certificates,
and used them at his discretion,
that same old game,"
the oldman remembered well,
before electronic trading
when paperwork got lost.

Of course the secret is in
having your own clearing house,
"Yeah, like the Warehouse."

Little pixels on a screen.

The Wall Street Mobs are owners
in DTCC, Cede and Markit.

"You don't have a chance."

But then these fucks already
have your 401K, all pensions,
then levered and hedged,
branched and tranched,
all mathematical models
engineered for financial wealth,
certainly not the suckers.

"It's a Bear or a Bull...
an Elephant or a Jackass,"
seems about the extent of choice.

The poor old housing market,
that dream of home ownership,
a piece of the rock,
a roof from the rain,
this underwater investment
still has much to milk.

MERS is now in 60 million homes
and getting bigger...
all the same scam of owner of record.

"Trust in God, you're better off!"

'Any attempt to transfer the beneficial
interest of a trust deed
without ownership
is void by law', hofuckingho.

Welcome to the world of Fanny and Freddy,
BofA, Wells Fargo, SunTrust on and on
until every mortgage is pixelated,
circumventing county records,
no more paper trail.

MOM is now in control,
MERS as Original Mortgage,
mind control by acronyms.

This sounds like Big Brother!

'Any loan registered on the system
is innoculated against future assignments
because MERS remains the nominal mortgagee
no matter how many times
servicing is traded.'

"Those branches are cut into twigs
and mulched into tranches."

Imagine foreclosing on a mysterious mortgage
without the secret eight digit number
known only by MOM.

Makes the subprime rap a little weak.

This scam was devised ten years ago for F and F!

Grey skies suck and so does fraud.

Bush was a smirk playing stupid.

Obama grins and jives.

Who could be next?

Above the Horn.
Inside the Reef.

At home on the Hill.

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