Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Counterpunch and Joe Bageant!

0701/2000 82/88 Blue Skies SE 5/10 75%H.
DOGS 10436 7617 1228 1856. LIBOR 23/36.

Greetings from the Hill.

Paradise and blue skies,
swaying palms in the Keys breeze,
classics from Havana
and those lying tits from CNBC...
art without truth!

The oldman took a walk at sunrise,
no room for him on cemetery hill,
have to dig a hole in the garden
and be with his cats.

Mrs. Albury's house empty still,
family contesting a home,
plants and gardens neglected.

While the city builds drains
and fancies sidewalks.

"That no one fucking walks."

The madone was the ranter.

Attending to chores, always housekeeping,
daily duties that made a home,
cats and plants, dishes and cooking,
toast and coffee in the garden...
Internet in the Gazebo!

"Fuck those Internet Cafes."

One of those days when one wants HOPE,
and if no bullshit, maybe TRUTH.

"Dream on oldman, Tom Payne is long dead,
the media creates the interpretation
of 'The American Scheme' with pixels,
the same as 'Shadow Banking',
no one dares to publish a voice
that speaks for the common man,"
the madone was jaded.

The oldman was weary, the laptop connected.

Surfing the same dreary shit.

Market Ticker, Mish and Clusterfuck,
Keysnews, nyt, Asia Times,
Global Research, Globe and Mail,
Reuters and Roubini,
draggy ass bloggers,
and then that jewish rag,
a strange collection of the eclectic,
"Hello, hello, hello...
Make my fucking day,"
finally laughing with delight.

CounterPunch seemed to like Joe Bageant.

The oldman still believed in TRUTH.

Certainly somewhat souring to the imagination
when a greater talent says 'it' better,
can't rip off Uncle Joe, but...
he did email Mad Jack to try a blog,
with pictures and poetry.


"Now that's 'IT'."

No sense in going on babbling bullshit,
Joebageant.com and Counterpunch.com.

Truth in Art
and Art with Truth.

And Obama is Honest.

A grand day today,
thank you Joe
for being you!

Beyond the Reef,
Above the Horn,

Inside all Honesty.

The Breeze in The Keys.

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